Gorgeous personalised gifts from the kids for Mother’s Day

Check out our new range of Personalised gifts for Mothers Day. It’s only just over two weeks away now (Sunday 18th March) and personalised items need to be ordered at least one week in advance to guarantee delivery. Meenymineymo have some unique gift ideas – perfect for the children, or new baby to give to mum this year. For the mum who loves to cook we have the ‘Queen of Kitchen & all she bakes’ personalised cotton apron. There are our range of super cute personalised soft toys – choose from teddy bear, bunny, frog and lamb, and which mum dosen’t love to put her feet up with a nice cuppa? You can even get the kids own artwork / designs printed onto a personalised mug. These personalised gifts make really special Mothers day gifts that will be treasured for years to come. So come on dads, before you take the kids to the shops for that annual box of chocolates, get a bit more personal this year!