Back To School with Meenymineymo

Time flies! Dosen't it just. One minute our little darlings are in nappies, the next in their school uniform waving goodbye at the gate…I sent my son Lucas off on his first day back to school with a Personalised Water Bottle with a very cute, retro Rockets design on. I'm sure this made him feel much braver about it all! (I could have done with one with something a bit stronger in mine to make me feel better about my baby growing up!!) A few weeks later they had to take in their P.E. kit, so once again my little walking advertisement trotted off into school proudly sporting his Personalised Kit Bag. Since, there have been several other of these personalised beauties spotted in the playground, in the Rockets and the Elephants designs. They are made of aluminum, so are much more hygenic than plastic, they are very practical, but unique at the same time and make great Back To School or starting school gifts. Incidentally, Lucas' water bottle is still going strong and he is going into year 1 now, when others are on their 6th or 7th plastic one, so well worth spending the extra cash to get great quality! Link to Back To School items