Tips for a personalised Christening, naming ceremony or blessing

Christening gift

Whichever you choose a Christening, naming ceremony or a blessing, all are such a gorgeous way to welcome you little ones into the world. We’ve come up with a few tips and ideas to help make the planning part fun,  fuss-free and above all, personal to you:

1. Guest List

If it’s been ages since you’ve had a party perhaps think of a different occasion to catch up and invite everyone you’ve not seen since your wedding! The Christening or naming ceremony is a celebration of your child’s birth and so invite the people you think are going to have an impact or involvement in their life. Otherwise you can end up with an ever-expanding invitation list including the ‘we should invite’ people which isn’t really what the celebration is all about.
There’s a great guest list planner from Plant Based Bride which can be adapted for your naming ceremony guest list – it really does make it a 60 second decision not 60 days!

2. Date

What time of year suits you and how busy are the ‘bessies’ you want to invite? It’s best to work at least 3 months in advance for a Christening if you can but as always, the longer in advance you can make it the more chance you have of getting first choice on all the things you want – venue, caterers and of course, the guests.

christening venue

3. Venue

Whilst most people start with this I find that unless you’ve got a venue that is an absolute must then this comes third after the guest list and the date. There are SO many amazing venues to choose from that options are endless. To make things mega simple get in touch with a venue hire company to help you find something. No matter how big or small the event these companies make it their business to keep up to date with venues across the country and what they offer. Just a short chat where you give an overview of what you are looking for (guest numbers/type of Christening/whether you need extra room for kiddiwinks) will, usually 2 days later, give you a shortlist of venues for you to choose from – simple! Believe it or not this service is usually free so check the small print and get phoning. Personal favourites are Cherry Picked Venues who focus on venues in and around North London or Hire Space  who cover the UK.

4. Theme

Choose something that ties the whole occasion together. It doesn’t have to be pink for a girl and blue for a boy. Choose something that conveys your personality (and that of your child). Remember, it’s a celebration so above all, make it a good Christening party and one that is obviously yours, not a generic event.


Personalised Wooden Train

5. Gifts

More often than not guests will want an idea for gifts. There are some gorgeous options out there for people to make a gift personalised without having to be an accomplished engraver or artist themselves. Suggesting a personalised gift means that the present giver can be sure they are giving a totally unique gift that they have spent extra time and effort selecting.  If you don’t want 50 engraved silver spoons for your child then take a look at our personalised wooden toys.  Each wooden toy is designed to follow them through the various stages of their development and can ultimately end up as a treasured keepsake.  Not only will they carry the personalised message engraved on them, they will also carry the unique marks created through play.




6. Food and Drink

This will be very dependent on the venue and the type of event you’re having. Best guidance is to keep it simple and, if possible, let someone else do the cooking!

Christening Cake7.  Cake

As with the theme you don’t have to keep it a traditional tiered fruitcake if you don’t want to. The two main things for me are to make sure that whatever cake you choose it actually tastes delicious (a freezer-full of uneaten christening cake isn’t the take-home of choice!), and the second thing is that you look through the portfolios of cake makers.  Check out – you will want them all!  Ideally have a picture of a cake you love and take it from there.






8. Photos and keepsakes

Great photos are a must so spend a bit on a professional photographer – don’t just rely on a friend who’s quite good with a camera. There a loads of creative things you can do with the photos after the day and there are also some gorgeous ideas for crafty things that are keepsakes forever. For some gorgeous inspiration check out our Christenings board on Pinterest.

Face Painter9. Entertainment

If you have got little people guests (and big people guests who love a chance to tap into their inner child) then it’s a great idea to have something to entertain them so they are free to run around and enjoy the #christening celebration too. Face painting, balloon blowing, craft kits or a treasure hunt can all be good things to keep the party fun for all ages.

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