Tips for hosting a Spooktacularly fun Halloween party

Personalised trick or treat bags

Halloween is fast approaching and is now one of the biggest occasions to celebrate. It’s  a perfect excuse for throwing a Halloween party and getting the whole family involved but have you wondered how to host one that is fun for all ages? For small children Halloween parties can actually be a little too spooky so we’re bringing you a few helpful hints that should help ensure that everyone has a good time.

Costumes: Dressing up in ghoulish costumes can be great fun, just make sure you choose ones that don’t totally cover your face – Warewolf masks, for example, are a no go. Take it from me who experienced a hysterical toddler meltdown in a fancy dress shop when my 3 year old saw Daddy put on the mask!  Also, use face paints for the kids instead of masks and release your inner make up artist – lots more fun and more likely to stay on for a bit longer.

Trick or Treating: Some people really get into the Halloween spirit and welcome trick or treaters, others aren’t so welcoming. It’s worth finding out which areas near you are more trick or treat friendly and stick to those. Give all your guests one of our personalised cotton trick or treat bags so they can keep their loot close by and it doubles  up as a great gift to take away at the end of the party. Choose from a range of different designs, add a name or slogan if you want to make it personalised and, for the final icing on the treat bag, make it glow in the dark!

Pumpkin Carving: Clearly a must for every Halloween party. Have some stencils that the little ones can choose from and draw onto a pumpkin and then get the adults to do the carving, this gets everyone involved whilst avoiding knife-wielding toddlers. There are loads of free stencils available on the internet to download and print out.

Food: Strawberry ghosts anyone???? or how about edible eyeballs? There are so many amazing things to make, the main thing is to choose things you can prepare beforehand that doesn’t require lots of your attention. You don’t want to miss out on the party and have to halt games mid-flow.

Drink: A ghoulish non-alcoholic punch is always going to be a hit with the kids. Just make sure it’s a different colour from the version you give to the adults!

Decorations: Put some up beforehand but get the children involved in adding to them. There are hundreds of great ideas for things to make, from paper bats to paper plate skulls for all ages.   Get some inspiration from our Halloween Pinterest page.

If you email your Halloween party pics to us we can pin them to our Halloween Pinterest board to give others inspiration for next year.

Happy Halloween from all of us at Meenymineymo!