Unique Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Father's day gifts

Father’s Day is nearly here, Sunday 19th June, so take the opportunity to find a Father’s Day gift that tells your Daddy how special he is and let him know how much you love him. Of course, if like my Dad, he’s very difficult to buy for, how you do this can be a serious source of anguish.

Drum roll please…. Number 1 helpful hint, whatever you get him, or do for him, your Dad’s not generic so don’t give him a gift that is generic!

This is your opportunity to embrace your creative side and make a Father’s Day gift that is totally unique. We’ve seen some utterly gorgeous ideas from our customers who have used our own artwork coasters instead of cards, wooden toy cars engraved with a special message on.  Whether it’s a saying that’s personal to you, a nickname, a place you’ve visited, a signature dish….there are a whole range of ways that you can show your love and appreciation:

Personalised Artwork Mug

Own Artwork Mug – a hug on a mug

Personalised Own Artwork Keyring

Own Artwork Keyring – he’ll never lose his keys again


Personalised legendary apron

Personalised Apron – appreciation for your Dad’s signature dish

Personalised Travel Mug

Personalised Travel Mug – fuel for Dadventures

As well as saying a big thank you to our Daddys this #fathersday I’d personally like to say a big thank you to these Daddys for their great blogs. Here at Meenymineymo we’re looking forward to hearing about how you were cherished on the day:

Diary of the Dad – award winning for a reason. Bright, light and very funny. Personal fave: Dumb and Dumber

Henry’s Blog– heartwarmingly honest, informative (Living Lagom) and genuinely just a good read.

Dadbloguk – Posts that make you stop and think about things from a Father’s perspective – as a mother and a wife, a number of John’s posts have been invaluable and have actually helped maintain the harmony in our household!

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon.  X


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